Payment by transfer:

 You can pay the total purchase amount by bank transfer. In this case the exact amount to be transferred will be confirmed by e-mail to place your order, as well as the account number which must make the payment to our company Polipres SL. In this way your bank details do not go through the web.

The customer must make payment within a maximum of 5 working days after order.

When making the transfer or deposit do not forget to include the same name and the order number so we can easily identify the source of the amount and proceed to shipping.

Please note that many banks and allow transfers through Internet. To do this, you must register with the relevant service from their bank following requirements upon its request.

The transfers will apply a discount of 2% of total purchase amount.

 * Please note that if payment is made by bank transfer, we can make the shipment until we receive confirmation of the transaction (sometimes takes 48 hours).

Paypal and credit cards

Payment by Paypal:

PayPal is a company belonging to the area of electronic commerce over the Internet that allows the transfer of money between email users with an alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks or money orders. The online payment transaction is done through PayPal broker a secure server based on the SSL standard, which guarantees the total confidentiality of the data.

PayPal is the payment intermediary service more reliable, fast and easy to send a payment to any registered trade Paypal. When performing the transaction, PayPal charges the buyer's credit card the amount specified and instantly send payment confirmation to our company that automatically send out the product.

Make payment takes no more than two minutes. The buyer fills fast electronic payment form to send the money to registered trade where you acquire a product. The trade buyer and receive an email with payment details. When completing the form the first time, the buyer is registered as a user of PayPal, having an account where you can see the transactions.

* You will need to choose a form of payment at time of purchase.

In case of any questions, contact us!

Credit Card Payment:

We accept credit cards: Visa and Mastercard. All online payment transactions by credit card are made through the secure payment gateway Paypal. When preparing to make the payment go directly to the payment gateway of this entity, so it is already out of our website. The requested data is transferred securely between you and the bank. These data are never sent to us.



Customers who choose the payment method "COD" will have an additional charge of 5% of the total purchase value, corresponding to the Collection Management Commission of the carrier.